Stretch with the experts!

Quarantine got you feeling tight & stiff? For a limited time only, get coached by the The Stretch Therapists online!


Stretch with the experts!

Quarantine got you feeling stiff? For a limited time only, get 1-on-1 coaching with The Stretch Therapists.


You're Home.

Now is the time. 

Use this time wisely and start a stretch habit.

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Healthy Joints

Nothing is worse for your joints & muscles than sitting all day.

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Customized programming + accountability to keep you on track.


Work with our lead therapist Devon and improve your flexibility, mobility & performance.

Your Coach Devon!

Our lead therapist & master trainer, Devon, will guide you through an online live assessment & stretch, teaching you how to turn your space into relaxing oasis!

From patient to fitness trainer to therapist, Devon has always been intrigued with how we can keep the body functioning at its most optimal level. She sees the body as a map! Our clients love her strong but gentle touch.

Working with athletes, regular exercisers, and clients in Injury prevention, recovery & rehabilitation, Devon is adept at using a meld of Fascial Stretch Therapy, Thai Yoga Massage and Reflexology to get to the root of the problem and produce the results her clients require.

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Regular price per session: $139

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*For a limited time only.

Online Stretch Coaching


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  • 45 min session
  • Assessment
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