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We are your expert Fascial Stretch Therapists in Toronto 🇨🇦. It's time you achieve optimal flexibility, mobility, performance and pain relief.

We StretchPeople

We are your expert Fascial Stretch Therapists in Toronto 🇨🇦. It's time you achieve optimal flexibility, mobility, performance and pain relief.

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When you book your first fascial stretch therapy session with us.

How it Works

Here's what you can expect from a fascial stretch therapy session with us. It's what also makes us so different.



We become a team! We will work together to assess your body in order to create a baseline through standardized movement tests.


The Stretch

Lie on our table as we stretch and coach you through breathing, muscle activation & relaxation techniques that will put you into a zen state throughout


Stabilize & Strengthen

After identifying your body's areas of opportunity, we provide you with stability & strengthening homework so you can maintain a pain-free body!


Why Choose Us?

The Story of The Stretch Therapist

As a competitive athlete, Toronto-based Founder Sarah Mariano sustained a number of injuries. After taking time off to research & study recovery from industry experts such as Dr. Craig Liebenson, Tom Myers, Dr. Perry Nickelston, Dr. Kathy Dooley and Ann & Chris Frederick, she finally found the perfect mix of treatments and exercises to get her stronger than ever before. This gratitude propelled her to share and help others gain control of their life again.

She has built a team of excellent Toronto-based fascial stretch therapists surrounding the same philosophy whose goal is to give you the life you deserve.

Our client list includes new moms, desk top warriors and athletes who all trust us with their health. We have worked with actor Will Smith, Grammy-Award winning artists, celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, WBFF Pro Fitness Model Hattie Boydle, and many professionals in the NFL, NBA, CFL, PGA, MLB, MLS & OHL.

The Team

Our Toronto-based team is dedicated to get you moving smart and living fully.


Founder & Owner


Lead Stretch Therapist


PSS Instructor


Fascial Stretch Therapist



What Our Clients Say

Don’t just take our word for it…

That was the best fascial stretch therapy session of my life! It’s incredible, I haven’t been able to go that low in ages.
Jonny RoxxPush Pounds, OVO Fitness & Health Coach
I really needed some major work to strengthen, lengthen and balance out my entire body! I’ve worked with Sarah and her amazing team, and it’s changing my life!
Trish EnriquezBlog & Social Media Influencer, @NoTummyMommy
Sarah's fascial stretch therapy team has made a significant impact on my mobility by reducing or eliminating many of the general aches and pains I used to experience, which I had attributed to the aging process. I strongly support and endorse Sarah and her team as a champion of fitness and stretch therapy.
Jason SawyerNurse Practitioner
Perfection… this morning (my back) hurt but now I don’t even feel the pain. You are fantastic at what you do.
Will SmithAmazing Human / Actor
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